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A Family Tradition

At Leffelman Meat Center, you can expect the knowledge and service that comes from four generations of butchers. 

Howard Leffelman opened his butcher shop in 1954 as a place to process animals for himself and other local farmers in rural Illinois. The shop was in stark contrast to the large packing houses that existed in Chicago at the time. He offered his trademarked TasTee Teez brand smoked sausages, choice aged beef, and country fresh pork. Howard opened two additional retail locations as well as one meat locker. He ran his butcher shop until selling it in 1974.  

Gerald Leffelman worked for his dad after returning from the service in Korea. He eventually ran two of the retail shops for Howard. He worked for the family that purchased Howard's butcher shop and became a master sausage maker. Spending hours in the back room perfecting his technique and recipes. 

Dale Leffelman worked with his dad until 1995 when he was able to purchase Howard's original butcher shop. Dale worked alongside Gerald to rebuild the business and bring back its reputation for quality meat, handmade sausage, and small town service. He learned the art of sausage making from Gerald and ran the business for 23 years.  

Jake Leffelman started working with his dad from a young age. He worked at the shop and other food service jobs to gain experience. Deciding to open his own butcher shop and continue the family trade has been a dream of his for several years. 

Leffelman Meat Center aims to bring Howard's vision back to life. A neighborhood butcher shop that sources quality meat, provides personal service, and makes small batches of sausage in house. We strive to give customers a comfortable atmosphere and knowledgeable butchers. Moving the process of meat cutting and sausage making from the back room to the front of the shop so customers can see what goes into our products. 




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